Gods Bound By Laws


QR 29.30
War with avolon ends, peace treaty signed making the argonne forrest a buffer zone of neutral territory

QR 29.61
hostilities mount over use of neutral zone. Avalon saber rattlers attempt to convince the king to take action

QR 29.94
Avalonian inquisition given official status as government intelligence body

QR 29.99 
inquisition raids the argonne forrest, killing many Imperial citizens

QR 30.00
Ambassadors sent to Avalon to try to establish peace

QR 30.02
Ambassadors return home with no solid commitment of nonagression from Avalon

QR 30.09
Scout legion initiative formed. Initial funding from the noble families resulted in a poorly equipped and small force. continued campaigning resulted in popular support.

QR 30.16
Scout legion large enough to form division of companies. Companies stationed throughout empire to assist communities.

QR 30.18 
Scout legion popularity continues to rise, citizens actively consider volunteering for military duty. Empire responds by renforcing their dedication to peace. Standing military not expanded.

QR 30.18
First deaths in scout legion history. Three brave soldiers died defending a homestead along the forrest from a dire bear attack. 

QR 30.20
Mysterious reports from the Argonne border patrols continue to be filed.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th company deployed to border of argonne to investigate.



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